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12 Fabulous Ways to Wear Your Denim Overalls This Spring

Hey there my lovely divas! How are you? My post for today is called "12 Fabulous Ways to Wear Your Denim Overalls This Spring". Denim overalls were popular in 90s and they are taking the stage again this season. If you don't have such piece of cloth in your wardrobe, you better buy one and keep up to date with this fashion trend.

I need to mention that they are very comfortable for wearing, very easy to style and are durable, which gives you the freedom to wear them all day long. Like the other types of jeans, they can be found in almost any shade, form light to dark, as well as in any style, from fit and skinny, loose and baggy. Combine them with a plain shirt or crop top (if you fancy wearing crop tops of course). When it comes to the footwear, you can match them with heels and sandals for more glam look, while you can wear them with sneakers and flats for more casual look.

I have selected 12 outfits to inspire you to wear your denim overalls this season. Let's check them out and draw some inspiration. Let's check them out and pick an outfit. Enjoy and have fun!

Denim looks amazing with everything, so it won't be difficult for you to match it with different colors of shoes and tops. I have also selected some short denim overalls that are perfect for the warm and sunny spring and summer days. You can find overalls in versatile prints and colors, but I will show you such combos some other time.

Complete your summer look with a pair of glasses and hat and go on a vacation. I love all of the outfits and I hope that you will like them too.

So, what do you think about these interesting combinations with overalls my dear ladies? Do you like them? Do you fancy wearing overalls? I need to recognize that I don' have this type of jeans and I need to update my wardrobe as soon as possible if I want to follow the fashion trends. Which combo is your favorite? Please share your comments below and if you have some other chic ideas of how to wear overall this season, please share them too. Thank you for reading!

10 Women Swimsuits Perfect for Summer Time

Where is the summer go? Of course the sea friends ~ Mimi swimsuit prepared on it? This new brand of small series brought Ms. swimsuit, come pick a favorite it!

1. Polka Dot also Meishan split retro swimsuit

Popular elements: Polka Dot
Style: elegant and charming

Polka Dot also Meishan split retro bathing suits, soft feminine flounced element, release the goddess of elegance, built-effective steel prop gather chest, the chest is more plump mellow.

2. Time notes printed swimsuit

Popular elements: hollow bow
Style: Sexy Lady

Brand new time notes printed piece swimsuit, sexy back hollow design, bow decoration, show Mature charm, fold skirt, sexy not emptied.

3. Xia Yan swimsuit flouncing

Popular elements: flouncing
Style: sweet and sexy

Xia Yan brand flounced piece swimsuit, wide shoulder straps to reduce the pressure, but also bring out the beauty of women sexy collarbone, the visual can lose fleshy arm.

4. European shark gather small chest 1 piece swimsuit

Popular elements: fold waist
Style: Sweet

The European Shark brand women gather small chest one piece bathing suits steel prop gather the chest more full upright, folding design can be modified waist fat.

5. Ling Rui children three-piece swimsuit Floral

Popular elements: Floral
Style: Classic cute

Ling Rui children swimsuit three-piece floral lace jacket material super soft l soft, floral but without publicity, hate bra mold shape is very significant Munakata, cute yet elegant.

6. Pursuit gather swimsuit swimsuit split

Popular elements: Small Floral
Style: sweet and sexy

Pursuit swimsuit split gather brand swimwear, small floral decoration on the swimsuit, very adorable, split designed to allow you to show off the most charming waist.

7. Listen waves sling flowers Women's Swimwear

Popular elements: Bow
Style: lovely

Listen to the waves swimsuit brand women's suspenders flowers, cute decorative bow, full of flavor girl, three little Puff skirt, highlighting the playful taste.

8. Hui Mina cherry swimsuit

Popular elements: small cherry printing
Style: sweet and lovely

A fairy temperament full benefits Mina piece swimsuit, curve fitting design, Slim was tall, cardiac choice cherry print small, pretty city girl.

9. Hang luxury Conservative swimsuit

Popular elements: Sexy Halter
Style: Sexy

The Conservative swimsuit, right folds more plump chest, halter design can be adjusted freely pull degrees, so your chest is more charming curves.

10. Betis sexy three-piece swimsuit

Popular elements: sweet floral
Style: sweet and sexy

Betis three-piece sexy bikinis, swimming trunks retro small waist fold design, effectively block the lower abdomen at the same time enhance the level of beauty, a touch of the exotic veil romantic gift!

Looked at 10 different brands of swimsuit, it is not to make you wait for them to wear it on vacation to the beach to play it ~

Tips for Women Who Want to Look Super Sexy and without Looking Sleazy

There's a delicate balance to looking sexy without crossing over into being sleazy.
It's all about knowing how much is too much.
It's something that takes careful thought and consideration. These 7 tips can help you to look sexy but never sleazy.


If you want to look super sexy then you need to be selective in how you show skin.
Showing too much skin can come off as sleazy. A good tip to use is to show one area of skin at a time.
For example, if you're showing off your shoulder area of a bit or cleavage then don't wear a miniskirt at the same time.
Or wear the miniskirt but cover up a bit more on top.


You're not going to look sexy if you're wearing clothes that're loose and baggy.
Tents aren't sexy, girls!
You want to wear clothing that fits you and if you're comfortable with it, is form-fitting. It's important to remember form-fitting isn't skin-tight. It's clothing that fits you well but doesn't cut into you or show bra and panty lines.
Think how nice a pencil skirt can hug your curves and you'll get the idea.


This one's surprisingly easy.
Almost everyone has some red clothing items in their closet. Red is considered to be sexier than other colors. There's a lot of room for personal expression here.
You can wear a lace red dress with heels or pair a red top with your favorite worn-in jeans.
Go for whatever fits your personality best.


Statement pieces can absolutely up the sexiness factor.
The trick is not wearing too many at one time.
Statement pieces would be items such as leather clothing, stilettos or very tall boots. One statement piece at a time can speak volumes.
Play around and figure out which statement pieces are right for you.


The way you do your makeup can totally up your sexiness factor.
It can also take you into Sleazeville if you're not careful.
What you want to avoid is makeup overkill.
Play up your eyes or lips but never both at the same time.
A smoky eye or full-on red lips both scream sexy but going for both can spell disaster.


Everyone needs basic tees in their closet.
You pair them with jeans, shorts or even your pjs if you're just hanging at home.
Why not choose the tees that offer the sexiest cut?
V-neck tees are always going to look sexier than your average crewneck.
It's a little hint of cleavage which is perfect. After all, you always want to leave a little to the imagination;
that's the oldest (and best) trick in the book.


There's just something special about wearing heels no other shoe can give you.
They give your hips a tantalizing sway nothing else can.
They make your calves look slimmer and more muscular, too.
Additionally, they make you look slimmer and who doesn't love that?
Wearing heels is a win-win in every department!
These tips can help you to achieve the sexy look you want.
What're your favorite tips for looking sexy but not sleazy?
I'd love to hear your ideas!

Timeless Wedding Dress S/S 2016 Collection by Berta Bridal

Hey there my lovely divas and future brides! How are you? Have you found the dress of your dreams for your big day? If not, don't worry, because I have a Timeless Wedding Dress S/S 2016 Collection by Berta Bridal. Are you excited?

The fabulous wedding gowns designed by Berta have taken over the world by storm. With her amazing talent, the designer have surprised even the most popular bloggers and fashion editors. Her creations are considered among the most anticipated and praised in the whole bridal industry. Her work is based on premium level finishes, uniqueness and quality. The dresses are made of luxurious fabrics that are imported from the most popular fashion capitals and they go through a handmade process in her studio and she constantly produces new and unique textures of fabrics. Berta is in this industry for more than 20 years and now have more than 70 locations around the world. If you haven't found the design that you are looking for, then I recommend you to take a look at her s/s 2016 collection. I felt in love with it and I think that you will like it too. Check it out and pick a dress for your big day!

When you try on one of her gowns, everything falls into place. The silhouette, the fit and the cut are all unique and charming. What do you think? Do you like this wedding dress collection? Which design is your favorite? I would love to know your opinion, so feel free to share it in a comment below. If you have some other beautiful and timeless designs that you want to be seen on our site, share it below too. I would love to see everything that you want to show me. Thank you for reading!

7 Ways to Style Your Summer Bangs

Though summer is the season for fun in the sun, it's no secret that hot weather isn't the most forgiving when it comes to our hair. Humidity alone can leave us prone to totally frizzing out, not to mention sweat and bangs just don't mix. And while we usually just give in to the humid weather by pinning back our fringe, we're ready to turn our fight against frizz into our newest style statement. Whether you're hoping to hit the beach with those trendy boxer braids or simply wanna keep cool with some stylish barrettes, scroll through these 7 summer bangs hairstyles to find your next frizz-friendly 'do.

1. Messy Bun: Add some serious style to your messy bun. Clip back your bangs with patterned or multicolored barrettes to give this five-minute look a more feminine touch.

2. Headband Hair Pile: Don't hide your curls in buns and braids. Embrace your natural volume and push back your bangs with this piled-high hairstyle that showcases your waves.

3. Pompadour: Brighten up your summer 'do by adding a retro flare. This voluminous pompadour style is perfect for a sunny Sunday picnic or summertime brunch with the gals.

4. Half-Up Twist Back: Take a romantic approach to your summer hairstyle. Whether you're strolling through the park or jetting off on your first big European adventure, celebrate summer with a sweet and flirty rom-com-worthy aesthetic.

5. Center-Parted Twist: Keep those boho vibes alive all summer long with this center-parted style. This 'do is Insta-ready for all your festival events.

6. Mini French Twist: Give your vacay hairstyle an ethereal appeal with a twisted fringe 'd0. This style is a hybrid between a French braid and a super simple twist, and takes mere minutes to execute.

7. Crown Braid: Wanna ditch the bangs for your poised wedding season look? This sophisticated hairstyle proves the more pins, the better! Use metallic bobbies to give your braided crown a sleek, modern edge.

Swimwear to Make You Feel Good

Morning ladies yup it's that time of year again when all we can think about are the 3 S's - sun, sea & swimwear!

So today I'm looking at swimwear that not only is beautifully styled, is well made, will last you a great many years to come but most importantly will make you look & feel good.

You may recall that last year I teamed up with the lovely people at Coco Bay an online store that offers one of the best choices of womens swimsuits I've ever seen.

So when they recently got in touch to see if I would be interested in working with them this year I didn't hesitate in saying yes as I totally fell head over heels in love with the swimwear I wore last year & really couldn't fault it in anyway.

Yes it is a little pricier to some swimwear but I honestly believe that in this case you pay for what you get. As I've already mentioned the quality is amazing, with all my swimwear from last year all keeping their shape & colour - non of the beautiful colour pieces faded in the sunlight & still look as good as new. But most importantly I had total confidence in the pieces in terms of holding me in & keeping in place - there was no hoicking up needed, or feeling like I'd soaked half of the pool up in my swimwear & I was even able to go in the pool without my detachable straps, as neither my bikinis or swimsuits moved, which isn't something I've ever been brave enough to do with other brands.

On top of this I just love the fact that Coco Bay offer a one stop shop for all your holiday needs. Stocking swimsuits, bikinis, kaftans, sundresses & accessories including jewellery, beach bags, hats, nail polish & flip flops to ensure you're one hell of a stylish lady poolside this summer.

Now I don't know if you're like me but the thought of donning my swimwear be it a swimsuit or a bikini is extremely daunting. After all there's not many people that are unlucky enough to see me in my underwear so the thought of wearing the same amount of clothing out in public always takes a few deep breaths of courage & if I'm honest the sooner I'm hidden on my sun lounger the better. So anything that's going to help in making feel that bit more confident is a godsend & whether it's because of the designs, colours &/or quality & fit of the swimwear I've tried from Coco Bay it definitely helps. After all I'm a firm believer that if you feel good you'll look good & who doesn't need a bit of help & confidence in that department?!

Coco Bay have very kindly let me pick a few pieces ready for our summer holidays this year (we're already on the countdown till our holidays in August - yup we're the saddos that have been on countdown since the 1st of January!!). So what did I pick? Well as I've already mentioned they stock one of the best selections of swimwear I've ever seen. Plus a huge plus in my eyes is that they offer several different designs of bikini tops & bottoms in the same colour, meaning you can personalise your swimwear to suit your own personal taste & body shape. You can even buy a different sized top to bottom as not many of us take the same size on top as we do our bottom halves & they even have helpful sizing prompts on each item.

Needless to say I spent a very happy hour or so looking through all their beautiful designs but in the end I picked the following pieces.

Starting with a holiday must have of a classic raffia fedora hat. Perfect for hiding sweaty beach hair not to mention protecting my face from the midday sun. Plus to go with my fedora this beautiful bikini set in the most gorgeous shade of red that will look stunning with a tan & I loved my Hipanema bracelet so much from last year that I couldn't resist this black & silver version. Seriously these are so perfect if you love the look of mismatched bracelets layered with a pretty summer top & make travelling light super easy from an accessories point of view.

For me the only thing that makes walking from bedroom to sun lounger bearable is the saviour of a kaftan & this pretty white number is just so beautiful. A great weight, that looks amazing crinkled & has the most stunning edging & detailing that I can't even begin to describe it. Plus of course being white will look amazing once my skin starts looking sun kissed & of course will go with any colour of swimwear. A real wardrobe 'must have', in fact I'd go so far as to say it's the nicest kaftan I've ever seen! You can also just see another wardrobe classic peeking through underneath, which is this lovely black Grecian style bikini. Again a style that will never date & is quite simply timeless.

And just so you can see how beautiful the detailing is, here's a few more views/close ups.

Now as much as I love a neutral wardrobe come sunnier climates I also love brightly coloured swimwear. So when I spotted that this Seafolly bikini in the same design as I wore last year, matched perfectly with this stunning beach bag it became a definite summer must. Like with my clothes I'm not one to wear patterned swimwear but as you can see from perusing Coco Bay's website you don't need to have patterns to have swimwear that has interest & design. I mean just look at the beautiful pleating on this bikini perfect for not creating too much attention without looking plain.

Plus this beach bag is just the perfect size for fitting in everyone's poolside necessities & beach towels. It even folds flat so is ideal for packing. Although I'm already thinking it might come in handy as an extra hand luggage bag if the shopping spree goes well & baggage allowance is looking tight ;-)

Now if you love a long maxi dress for summer you're going to love this one. Quite simply it's just stunning - easy to wear, beautifully cut & I just love the contrast of the fresh white background against the strong blue pattern. Heck it even features two of my favourite summer necessities - pompoms & tassels.

Here's a few more pictures so you can see more closely the style & design of this stunning dress. I just love the lower back, which I've teamed with this bra so no need to have to worry about going braless.

And finally one of my favourite colours teamed with my favourite pattern - if these flip flops can't be described as Bet-tastic I don't know what can!

Now I love a bit of poolside people watching & am constant amazed when I see women on holiday wearing heels/wedges to walk poolside but I've long learnt that if I don't want to avoid any shoe disasters such as slipping ungraciously on my bum on wet terracotta tiles etc then the simple flip flop is an essential & let's be honest quite frankly a wardrobe must have back home too. I just can't stand uncomfortable swollen feet. So what better flip flop than a pair of Havaianas - comfortable, stylish & they go with anything. I have a strong feeling these aren't going to be leaving my feet come the warmer weather.

Back to today & unfortunately it's not quite bikini weather here so I've packed away my new holidays beauties & I'm bringing out another love - denim - to play! Which I'm teaming with my new Marks & Spencer ruffle blouse. Now before you say anything yes I know I'm wearing the blouse back to front but I think I might prefer it this way. When I was trying it on I was thinking what a shame it wasn't buttoned at the neckline on the front then lightbulb moment & having inspected the blouse to check there were no darts in the front I quickly whizzed it round to give it a try & I think it looks ok. All I need to do now is take an unpicker to the label as it can currently be seen & it will be perfect!

Now you may have noticed that I've been quoting a discount code on my links. This is because the lovely people at Coco Bay have very kindly given me a code to share with you that entitles you to 20% off everything on their site - which is a fabulous saving & lasts until the end of July. So if you're on the look out for some new pieces for your holidays it's definitely one to take advantage off - simply use code MID20 at checkout to qualify. I'd defy anyone not to fall in love with several if not all of their range & you won't do better for choice as I know they take a great deal of pride & time in carefully editing their collection so that they can offer you the best quality products to fit & flatter & if you're unsure of sizing they even have a tailored comment for each piece advising if the fit comes up small, big or true to size.

So ladies what are your thoughts? As always I'd love to hear your views on their swimwear & accessories not to mention thoughts on any pieces you bought from them last year. Are you like me a total convert in paying that little bit extra so you feel & look great while exposing parts you'd normally keep hidden? And how does it make you feel? Did you feel that bit more body confident & happy? I'd love to hear.

7 Lace-Up Tops Perfect For Summer

Lately, it seems like everyone from Kim Kardashian to Vanessa Hudgens has been spotted wearing a lace-up top. And it's no wonder they're so loved by celebs—because this trend makes it easy to go from a day at the beach to a dinner date with only a few accessory changes. Here are 7 of the best lace-up ladies tops online we've found for summer!

1. Classic Stripes

This Topshop camisole ($22) is simple, but will make you look put-together with its classic navy and white stripes. The color combo will go with just about anything, making it easy to pair with all your summer staples.

2. Girly Details

This Kendall & Kylie crop top ($30) has it all! Not only does it feature the lace-up trend, it's also got ruffles and a floral pattern, letting you show off your girly side.

3. For Animal Lovers

This Elephant crop top ($13) is perfect for any animal lover, or for anyone looking to show off their fun, quirky side this summer.

4. Colorful and Cropped

This crop top ($13) is sure to catch anyone's eye! These bright colors have us thinking about a summer vacation at the beach.

5. Festival Ready

This drapey top ($15) is made for music festival lovers! Its loose fit gives you plenty of room to dance, unrestricted, to your favorite artists.

6. Relaxed Tank

This slouchy tank ($25) is ideal for a relaxing day at home or with friends, especially when paired with your favorite leggings.

7. Light and Airy

This soft top ($20) is great for vacation. It could work as a trendy beachwear for women or as a cute shirt for going out to dinner.

Say HI to the Beautiful Summer Days

Summer is just around the corner. But, as happy as I am for those sunny days on the weekend, the minute Monday arrives, I find myself wishing for more fresh days to come. My wardrobe, which includes wool dresses and pants, cardigans and sweaters, makes me start to sweat immediately. I need to update it ASAP with some interesting and very comfortable sundresses, shorts and tank tops that are appropriate for the crazy temperatures outdoors.

It is a perfect time to put on the back the clothes that we won't wear and make some space for the clothes that we are going to buy for this season. I found some really fashionable and very comfy pieces of clothes on Shop Splash dress boutiques online that will make you spend your salary right away. The shop offers very chic pieces that will never go out of fashion and can be worn all over the world.

1. I wanted to help you make the seasonal transition and face the summer with style, so I selected some fantastic designs from ALEXIS Collection. Let's check them out and draw some inspiration. You may find your next outfit here, who knows.






As you can already notice, the Alexis Collection offers various chic and stylish clothes that are appropriate for the hot spring and summer days. All of the outfits are perfect for your upcoming vacation, so why not to update your wardrobes and look outstanding on your perfect summer gateway.

The collection is powerful, with relaxed fit, interesting and unique cuts and bright and cheerful colors are used.






Some of the pieces are causal and relaxed – perfect for every day, while some are chic and glam and can be worn to weddings and other parties. Pick your next outfit and go out with style, like a real fashion diva.

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