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Monday, 9. May 2016

Timeless Wedding Dress S/S 2016 Collection by Berta Bridal

Hey there my lovely divas and future brides! How are you? Have you found the dress of your dreams for your big day? If not, don't worry, because I have a Timeless Wedding Dress S/S 2016 Collection by Berta Bridal. Are you excited?

The fabulous wedding gowns designed by Berta have taken over the world by storm. With her amazing talent, the designer have surprised even the most popular bloggers and fashion editors. Her creations are considered among the most anticipated and praised in the whole bridal industry. Her work is based on premium level finishes, uniqueness and quality. The dresses are made of luxurious fabrics that are imported from the most popular fashion capitals and they go through a handmade process in her studio and she constantly produces new and unique textures of fabrics. Berta is in this industry for more than 20 years and now have more than 70 locations around the world. If you haven't found the design that you are looking for, then I recommend you to take a look at her s/s 2016 collection. I felt in love with it and I think that you will like it too. Check it out and pick a dress for your big day!

When you try on one of her gowns, everything falls into place. The silhouette, the fit and the cut are all unique and charming. What do you think? Do you like this wedding dress collection? Which design is your favorite? I would love to know your opinion, so feel free to share it in a comment below. If you have some other beautiful and timeless designs that you want to be seen on our site, share it below too. I would love to see everything that you want to show me. Thank you for reading!

Say HI to the Beautiful Summer Days

Summer is just around the corner. But, as happy as I am for those sunny days on the weekend, the minute Monday arrives, I find myself wishing for more fresh days to come. My wardrobe, which includes wool dresses and pants, cardigans and sweaters, makes me start to sweat immediately. I need to update it ASAP with some interesting and very comfortable sundresses, shorts and tank tops that are appropriate for the crazy temperatures outdoors.

It is a perfect time to put on the back the clothes that we won't wear and make some space for the clothes that we are going to buy for this season. I found some really fashionable and very comfy pieces of clothes on Shop Splash dress boutiques online that will make you spend your salary right away. The shop offers very chic pieces that will never go out of fashion and can be worn all over the world.

1. I wanted to help you make the seasonal transition and face the summer with style, so I selected some fantastic designs from ALEXIS Collection. Let's check them out and draw some inspiration. You may find your next outfit here, who knows.






As you can already notice, the Alexis Collection offers various chic and stylish clothes that are appropriate for the hot spring and summer days. All of the outfits are perfect for your upcoming vacation, so why not to update your wardrobes and look outstanding on your perfect summer gateway.

The collection is powerful, with relaxed fit, interesting and unique cuts and bright and cheerful colors are used.






Some of the pieces are causal and relaxed – perfect for every day, while some are chic and glam and can be worn to weddings and other parties. Pick your next outfit and go out with style, like a real fashion diva.

Thursday, 2. July 2015

Lovely Wedding Dress Collection by Lior Charchy for Summer 2015

Hey my dear fashionista! I'm always here to show you the latest fashion trends. I have heard that you are getting married soon, so I found an amazing wedding dress collection by Lior Charchy for summer 2015 and I'm 100% sure that you are going to love it.

If you want to be remembered forever as the most beautiful bride in the world, then the dress that you are going to wear on your wedding day should convey the right impression. Lior Charchy is a popular designer in the wedding industry. He is well known for his extraordinary work, dresses that reflects the style of the customer and the life that he gives to each design with his tiny details that he adds.

Lior has a great understanding of the traditional sewing techniques. He studied in the Department of Jewelry and Fashion Bezalel, participated in competitions and exhibitions in Israel and abroad. With this experience and his immense creativity, love and passion for fashion, he created this summer wedding dress collection that will leave you speechless. This collection is his master piece. The dresses are magnificent, made of fine fabrics, pearls, beads and embroideries. If you want to feel like a goddess on your wedding day, than take a look at this amazing wedding dress collection below. You may finally find the dress of your dreams! Enjoy and have fun!

Tuesday, 26. November 2013

Fashion Street Summer Dresses For Women

Summer wear a dress out of the street is most appropriate , and sweet apart with a sexy, slightly fat girl how to choose a suitable bodcon dresses themselves still look stylish too , with a view fashionistas how to match it.

Floral Design pinched waist dress in the lower half of the chosen color darker , this can down the center to the more modified waist line , Bra elastic design allows less plump chest , shoulders more thin .

A designer dress tutu Hollywood actress who love dresses, pleated chest design allows between the chest and waist lines more obvious, knee- length just cover thigh fat , revealing a charming curve.

Watermelon red , but one of the most popular colors this year , more unique shoulder design can cover Kirin arm , waist slim waist design allows , Puff the whole casual dress more for women classic elegance .

Black and white mix is always a classics match is not outdated , chest bowknot so that the overall casual dresses for women is full of lovely feeling , short black dress modified hip line, make more slender thighs , the skin also appears to be more white .

Bat sleeve black and white striped T-shirt dress novelty and wild , loose upper body design allows more lower body look thinner in a circle , bat sleeve designed to cover the arm fat, short and designed to make your legs more slender .

Tuesday, 19. November 2013

Office Lady favorite dresses

Office women , independence of character , the pursuit of elegant fashion sense. Summer season, elegant , capable dress is the best choice of office women for both cool and comfortable , you can wear clothing with professional , elegant temperament.

Contrast color casual dresses for women, bodice and skirt with different fabrics. Upper body chiffon material , fresh, elegant , feminine ; skirt using crisp cotton fabric, skirt shapes can be well maintained , but also to avoid transmission problems .

Loose chiffon casual dresses , style simple , generous, generous style excellent permeability , can be well concealed body shortcomings. Dotted scarf is just about right for the entire body dress adds a sense of depth to attract eyeballs.

One-piece bodycon dresses , skirt and neckline folds at the design, add three-dimensional and layered. Wide cuffs , adding a romantic atmosphere. With a wide belt , to create the golden ratio , and let the people look Pompous .

Casual style of bodycon dresses, the upper body is a popular summer navy wind stripe pattern , lower body is a wild denim skirt . Bright red belt the whole body , bright , eye-catching and impressive .

Elegant dress, black and white , give the impression of pure , elegant impression, is the choice for ladies .

Friday, 8. November 2013

The range of different types of evening dresses

Evening dresses are divided into different types depending on their design , such as ball gowns , braces dresses, empire waist and beaded dresses, here we will talk to them about some of them. First, let's talk about the dresses for MY usknogo , is a very formal dress ball design, however , it is also replaced definitively to give you all the sights when you visit the prom. These special dresses fully skirted gowns that typically have a complex design and structure except E , the materials , it also needs to be high. Women dream about such an approach yaschih ball gowns when they have a case for this acquisition .
Mini -Line V-neck Pink Chiffon Ruffles

By following this empire waist dress , it is a special type that can hide your waist Shade och well , combine elegance and a sense of cute together , to make you Bleu sa princess , the most perfect thing is that it lengthens the silhouette of the body, you will be sen exists that you are taller than before. Now many beautiful classic cocktail platyadeystvitelno popular for gorgeous look and feeling of comfort.
Mini dress Trap etsiya Heart shaped burgundy red taffeta

Beaded outstanding dresses with beads on them, they can be divided into different ferent types depending on the address and the density of the pellets . If you want a simple style, you ete we can choose a design that with fewer beads around the waist or neck . If you are Hoti stronger effect dress with beads around the T-shirts with a beautiful image will be suitable dyaschey .

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