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Saturday, 1. October 2016

The Best Swimsuits for Apple Shapes

We've got top picks and shopping tips to make finding the perfect womens bathing suits for your body a cinch.

"Flatten My Belly!"

Even helpful salespeople don't always have your best interest at heart. Case in point: Cathy Thomas's strapless maillot. "It was the clerk's recommendation," Cathy explains. "The legs don't even fit right, but there were so many choices and I was in a rush, so I trusted her judgment." Cathy, though, needs a style that supports her chest and visually separates it from her stomach; ruching and tummy control offer subtle concealment.

1. What to Look For
Look for a style that supports your chest and visually separates it from your stomach; ruching and tummy control offer subtle concealment. "My stomach looks smaller without the suit digging into me. I love it!" Cathy says.

Pullover cheap one piece swimsuits in red, $30

2. Tummy Trimmers
Stick with V-neck suits. They're the most flattering, and they draw attention up and away from your trouble zone.

Color block ruched one piece swimsuit, $50

3. Choose Empire-Waist Styles
The design lifts the eye above your stomach and makes your middle look smaller.

Athleta bra cup twistini one piece in red, $79

4. Try the Tricks of the Tailor Trade
Tiers, draping, and ruching will all work to camouflage your middle.

Ocean dream tiered tankini sets, $40

5. Shopping Secrets from a Swimsuit Designer
Swimwear designer Malia Mills shares what she's learned from helping thousands of customers suit up for 18 years. "Women often think they need a bigger size to cover more skin. But it's better to get the right size in a fuller cut."

Boxy printing tankini, $20

6. How to Find the Right Size
"To tell if a suit is too small, go by how it feels and not just how it looks in the mirror."

Bra sized halterneck ruched one piece swimsuit

Monday, 9. May 2016

10 Women Swimsuits Perfect for Summer Time

Where is the summer go? Of course the sea friends ~ Mimi swimsuit prepared on it? This new brand of small series brought Ms. swimsuit, come pick a favorite it!

1. Polka Dot also Meishan split retro swimsuit

Popular elements: Polka Dot
Style: elegant and charming

Polka Dot also Meishan split retro bathing suits, soft feminine flounced element, release the goddess of elegance, built-effective steel prop gather chest, the chest is more plump mellow.

2. Time notes printed swimsuit

Popular elements: hollow bow
Style: Sexy Lady

Brand new time notes printed piece swimsuit, sexy back hollow design, bow decoration, show Mature charm, fold skirt, sexy not emptied.

3. Xia Yan swimsuit flouncing

Popular elements: flouncing
Style: sweet and sexy

Xia Yan brand flounced piece swimsuit, wide shoulder straps to reduce the pressure, but also bring out the beauty of women sexy collarbone, the visual can lose fleshy arm.

4. European shark gather small chest 1 piece swimsuit

Popular elements: fold waist
Style: Sweet

The European Shark brand women gather small chest one piece bathing suits steel prop gather the chest more full upright, folding design can be modified waist fat.

5. Ling Rui children three-piece swimsuit Floral

Popular elements: Floral
Style: Classic cute

Ling Rui children swimsuit three-piece floral lace jacket material super soft l soft, floral but without publicity, hate bra mold shape is very significant Munakata, cute yet elegant.

6. Pursuit gather swimsuit swimsuit split

Popular elements: Small Floral
Style: sweet and sexy

Pursuit swimsuit split gather brand swimwear, small floral decoration on the swimsuit, very adorable, split designed to allow you to show off the most charming waist.

7. Listen waves sling flowers Women's Swimwear

Popular elements: Bow
Style: lovely

Listen to the waves swimsuit brand women's suspenders flowers, cute decorative bow, full of flavor girl, three little Puff skirt, highlighting the playful taste.

8. Hui Mina cherry swimsuit

Popular elements: small cherry printing
Style: sweet and lovely

A fairy temperament full benefits Mina piece swimsuit, curve fitting design, Slim was tall, cardiac choice cherry print small, pretty city girl.

9. Hang luxury Conservative swimsuit

Popular elements: Sexy Halter
Style: Sexy

The Conservative swimsuit, right folds more plump chest, halter design can be adjusted freely pull degrees, so your chest is more charming curves.

10. Betis sexy three-piece swimsuit

Popular elements: sweet floral
Style: sweet and sexy

Betis three-piece sexy bikinis, swimming trunks retro small waist fold design, effectively block the lower abdomen at the same time enhance the level of beauty, a touch of the exotic veil romantic gift!

Looked at 10 different brands of swimsuit, it is not to make you wait for them to wear it on vacation to the beach to play it ~

Monday, 26. August 2013

Arm wear a swimsuit issue

Went to this beach resort of multiple seasons, waist, Bottom, slender legs, nine golden ratio body ...... These only appear in the magazine, Illustrated girl in the Caribbean have also let you see some teeth too. Here will show you how you can pick summer swimming suits body modification, even if those beautiful words do not belong to us, even though we have never seem to throw off the "spare tire" and "ByeBye meat", and never let them hinder our summer seaside good time!
Arm problems
Arm stout "ByeBye meat"
If you have problems exist stout arm, I suggest you quickly lose those spaghetti straps swimsuit, because they not only will not hide your flaws, but will make you look more serious problems. Wide straps swimwear to a certain extent can hide your arms are too thick, even the bikini style, but also select those cups and straps relatively large area, because they will help you dress up how much some annoying "ByeBye meat . "
You can do with:
Point 1: For those who want to cover the fat girl who, carry a blouse is absolutely essential.
Point 2: Transparent plastic sandals, but this summer the most IN.
Point 3: palm leaf pattern with the same color of the sunglasses one piece swimsuits, sandals with a pleasant natural state.

Thursday, 22. August 2013

Foreign media have been directed at China Swimwear

Two days three gold medals, world championships in Rome set off a whirlwind China, Agence France-Presse today after the game that the Chinese women's 800 meters freestyle Following Zhang again after detonating climax. However, during the sound also has a number of questions, targeting is the Chinese team temporarily put on super swimsuit JAKED.

New backstroke queen Zhao Jing just 50 meters from the world record by 0.33 seconds, Yang Yu, Zhu Qian Wei, Liu Jing and Pang Jiaying composed of women will 4x200 meter freestyle relay world record by two seconds 33, China also joined Heroine broke the world record in the trend. Consistently, their body and Zhang Lin won the 800 meters freestyle gold medal, like not wearing the official sponsor of the Chinese swimming team speedo. This triggered a race to the foreign media attention, have asked the Chinese team was wearing in the end is what brand of swimming suits.

Zhang Lin won the championship, the French team newspaper reporter to Laredo Mende gave away that he was not wearing 400m freestyle silver medal at the speedo swimsuit, and replaced the current world championships in Rome gratis super swimsuit JAKED precisely this swimsuit, in the World Championship arena led to numerous disputes, and even forced FINA banned high-tech swimsuits have to pass next year's resolutions. Equipe in France, the description of Zhang Lin won, said, "He will Hackett's former world record crushed the mill, 7 minutes and 32 seconds 12 results improved 6 seconds 43, just three months time, Zhang Lynn will be their best scores to improve as much as 20 seconds ...... magic! "Laredo Mende attributed directly to the achievements of Zhang Lin and temporary replacement swimsuit, that this scene is not entirely surprising breakthrough to rely on its own strength.

When the Chinese women, who continue to play when alarming, JAKED speedo still continue to be the object of foreign media asked, because the Chinese swimming team "quietly" when you put a new shirt, regarded trademark blackened, which makes them a bit lost in the routine. Although the Chinese team has a contract with the speedo, but you can choose another swimsuit, this does not violate contractual requirements. However, not every player can adapt JAKED, Liu Song regret did not win the gold medal, silver medal, but she also set a world record score, compared with Liu Song, Jiao Liuyang wear new one piece swimsuits, failed to win a medal. This is also proved from another angle, the final decision lies in the results of the players themselves. "Liu Song also considered for swimsuits, but I have to understand the situation, that not every athlete wearing swimsuits have the effect, some people wear good effect, some people wear the general effect. Liu Song is wearing the original well. "China's head coach unitary Zhengjie said.

Of course, JAKED swimsuits can help athletes improve performance has become a consensus, breaking unbeaten myth Biddleman Phelps admitted that swimsuit let him score at least raising two seconds, while the swimming world championships in the current generated by the project 17 gold medals in swimsuit worn JAKED took 15 players, this ratio called amazing. More and more players will start in the world championships try to use JAKED swimsuits, the Chinese team were no exception.

In the world-class records have been broken, do not break the world record will not be able to win the world championships in Rome, swimwear topic already replaced the championship glow. Not just the Chinese team, every birth of a world record and the gold medal will continue to cause foreign media exploration of the new wrap dresses style swimsuit controversy.

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