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Saturday, 1. October 2016

Swap Out Your Classic Paint Job for These 5 Nail Art Ideas

A classic coat of nail polish is a lot like a white t-shirt and blue jeans: it will never go out of style. But just because the sheen of a high-gloss coat will always look great doesn't mean that it can eventually feel routine, too. Instead of sticking to a single color the next time you paint your nails, jazz up your hands with a bit of nail art. From easy geometric shapes to an out-of-this-world galaxy design, these five projects work for days when you want a subtle upgrade to nights when you want to go all out. Match these looks with an eye-catching jacket, brightly-printed shoes or a fun purse, and your turn with on-trend fingertips may just become a personal staple.

Two-Toned Nails to Rethink a Neutral Look

Neutral nails don't have to mean boring nails. This two-toned design uses nude and white polish to create an interesting finish that'll match all of the clothes in your closet. Paint on the nude base coat, and then use a small paintbrush or cotton swab to add the white dots to the bottom part of each nail. Your friends will never believe you did this yourself instead of splurging at the nail salon.

A Negative-Space Mani for a Clever Use of Color

If you prefer a pop of color on your nails but think you aren't skilled enough to paint on a design, this negative space look is the perfect solution. No steady hands required! Use small pieces of washi tape to section off a triangle at the bottom of each nail before painting like normal. Remove the tape before the polish dries and say hello to your new favorite mani!

Colorful Floral Nail Art for a Special Occasion

From a casual lunch with your friends to a garden wedding, there's no wrong occasion for romantic floral nails. But don't be intimidated by the colorful design. Since it's more of an abstract approach, the roses don't need to be perfect. Just take your time, and you'll end up with beautiful nail art that looks as gorgeous as a blossoming bouquet.

Galaxy Nails That'll Steal All of the Attention

Keep your outfit casual and go bold with your nails by painting on a stunning (but surprisingly easy) galaxy manicure. Start by brushing on a dark base coat, and then give it plenty of time to dry. After, use a piece of sponge to dab on a mixture of different colors for the galaxy pattern. Dots of white polish mimic stars to complete the intergalactic print.

Geometric Tips for Any Color Combination

Master this simple technique and you'll be able to create geometric nails in any color combination. Sticking to neutral shades can be the most forgiving option for beginners, but that doesn't mean you can't use bright polish, either. Since you'll be using strips of washi tape to section off your design, you don't have to worry about free-handing the triangle tips.

Thursday, 2. July 2015

7 Irresistible Summer Nail Colors You Need This Season

Nothing ushers us into summer like a bright, beaming manicure. And this summer, nail colors are more spirited than ever. Say goodbye to spring's gentle pastels and the dark, brooding colors of winter -- unlike your typical summertime palette, nail colors this year are taking on a newer, friskier personality.

Top manicurists Jin Soon Choi and NCLA founder Elin Dannerstedt agree that Summer 2015 is giving us major room to play. Think: Neon colors, layered textures and holographics, all the way down to matte nudes and negative space designs. The inspirations come from everything summer -- from gorgeous weather and bare skin to red carpets and trendy '90s street style, says Dannerstedt. This gives us the freedom to strip our nails down to a minimalist mani one day, and dress them up with a bright confetti top coat the next.

Keep scrolling for 7 colors that inspire us to shake things up this summer.

The Shade: Fiery Oranges

Orange lips are dominating the red carpet this summer (See Kendall Jenner and Margot Robbie for inspiration). And now, the sizzling hue is making its way down to our fingertips. Rebel against the ladylike pastels of spring with a bursting orange lacquer. Follow up with a glossy topcoat for extra intensity.

The Shade: Ocean Blues

Vibrant blue nails are tough to pull off any other season -- blue is about as far from our natural nail color as you can get -- so now's the time to rock your cyans, cobalts and indigos. Blue nails really pop against clothes and evoke a certain funky, tomboyish vibe. They also make a perfectly unexpected pedi color.

The Shade: Retro Metallics

Metallic and holographic nail colors are inspired by '90s comeback style, says Dannerstedt. "We starting seeing this trend on fashion bloggers." Pair one of these trendy manis with a bold lip for a fun, retro vibe.

The Shade: In-Your-Face Pinks

Kick springtime's pastel pinks up a notch with these flamboyant colors, gracing the Summer 2015 collection of almost every major nail brand. These pigmented pinks offer a rule-breaking, no-apologies contrast to the edgy metallic trend. Try rocking these with a nautical ensemble.

The Shade: Garden Lavenders

"Pastels are in every year. It goes hand it hand with nice weather," says Dannerstedt. If wild brights make you nervous, opt for one of these classic, yet newly released soft purples.

The Shade: Opaque Neutrals

First spotted on the runway and red carpet, designers and celebs are pairing their summer looks with "twisted versions of opaque neutrals," says Choi. Creamy and matte nudes, sands and ballet pinks put a modern spin on spring's sheer shades.

The Shade: Confetti Coats

"Layering textures is hugely popular this summer," says Dannerstedt. Reflecting the season's lively spirit, many brands are releasing sparkle-laced lacquers and confetti topcoats, which can be layered over cream polishes for a fun, textured effect.

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