7 Lace-Up Tops Perfect For Summer

Lately, it seems like everyone from Kim Kardashian to Vanessa Hudgens has been spotted wearing a lace-up top. And it's no wonder they're so loved by celebs—because this trend makes it easy to go from a day at the beach to a dinner date with only a few accessory changes. Here are 7 of the best lace-up ladies tops online we've found for summer!

1. Classic Stripes

This Topshop camisole ($22) is simple, but will make you look put-together with its classic navy and white stripes. The color combo will go with just about anything, making it easy to pair with all your summer staples.

2. Girly Details

This Kendall & Kylie crop top ($30) has it all! Not only does it feature the lace-up trend, it's also got ruffles and a floral pattern, letting you show off your girly side.

3. For Animal Lovers

This Elephant crop top ($13) is perfect for any animal lover, or for anyone looking to show off their fun, quirky side this summer.

4. Colorful and Cropped

This crop top ($13) is sure to catch anyone's eye! These bright colors have us thinking about a summer vacation at the beach.

5. Festival Ready

This drapey top ($15) is made for music festival lovers! Its loose fit gives you plenty of room to dance, unrestricted, to your favorite artists.

6. Relaxed Tank

This slouchy tank ($25) is ideal for a relaxing day at home or with friends, especially when paired with your favorite leggings.

7. Light and Airy

This soft top ($20) is great for vacation. It could work as a trendy beachwear for women or as a cute shirt for going out to dinner.

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