Swimwear to Make You Feel Good

Morning ladies yup it's that time of year again when all we can think about are the 3 S's - sun, sea & swimwear!

So today I'm looking at swimwear that not only is beautifully styled, is well made, will last you a great many years to come but most importantly will make you look & feel good.

You may recall that last year I teamed up with the lovely people at Coco Bay an online store that offers one of the best choices of womens swimsuits I've ever seen.

So when they recently got in touch to see if I would be interested in working with them this year I didn't hesitate in saying yes as I totally fell head over heels in love with the swimwear I wore last year & really couldn't fault it in anyway.

Yes it is a little pricier to some swimwear but I honestly believe that in this case you pay for what you get. As I've already mentioned the quality is amazing, with all my swimwear from last year all keeping their shape & colour - non of the beautiful colour pieces faded in the sunlight & still look as good as new. But most importantly I had total confidence in the pieces in terms of holding me in & keeping in place - there was no hoicking up needed, or feeling like I'd soaked half of the pool up in my swimwear & I was even able to go in the pool without my detachable straps, as neither my bikinis or swimsuits moved, which isn't something I've ever been brave enough to do with other brands.

On top of this I just love the fact that Coco Bay offer a one stop shop for all your holiday needs. Stocking swimsuits, bikinis, kaftans, sundresses & accessories including jewellery, beach bags, hats, nail polish & flip flops to ensure you're one hell of a stylish lady poolside this summer.

Now I don't know if you're like me but the thought of donning my swimwear be it a swimsuit or a bikini is extremely daunting. After all there's not many people that are unlucky enough to see me in my underwear so the thought of wearing the same amount of clothing out in public always takes a few deep breaths of courage & if I'm honest the sooner I'm hidden on my sun lounger the better. So anything that's going to help in making feel that bit more confident is a godsend & whether it's because of the designs, colours &/or quality & fit of the swimwear I've tried from Coco Bay it definitely helps. After all I'm a firm believer that if you feel good you'll look good & who doesn't need a bit of help & confidence in that department?!

Coco Bay have very kindly let me pick a few pieces ready for our summer holidays this year (we're already on the countdown till our holidays in August - yup we're the saddos that have been on countdown since the 1st of January!!). So what did I pick? Well as I've already mentioned they stock one of the best selections of swimwear I've ever seen. Plus a huge plus in my eyes is that they offer several different designs of bikini tops & bottoms in the same colour, meaning you can personalise your swimwear to suit your own personal taste & body shape. You can even buy a different sized top to bottom as not many of us take the same size on top as we do our bottom halves & they even have helpful sizing prompts on each item.

Needless to say I spent a very happy hour or so looking through all their beautiful designs but in the end I picked the following pieces.

Starting with a holiday must have of a classic raffia fedora hat. Perfect for hiding sweaty beach hair not to mention protecting my face from the midday sun. Plus to go with my fedora this beautiful bikini set in the most gorgeous shade of red that will look stunning with a tan & I loved my Hipanema bracelet so much from last year that I couldn't resist this black & silver version. Seriously these are so perfect if you love the look of mismatched bracelets layered with a pretty summer top & make travelling light super easy from an accessories point of view.

For me the only thing that makes walking from bedroom to sun lounger bearable is the saviour of a kaftan & this pretty white number is just so beautiful. A great weight, that looks amazing crinkled & has the most stunning edging & detailing that I can't even begin to describe it. Plus of course being white will look amazing once my skin starts looking sun kissed & of course will go with any colour of swimwear. A real wardrobe 'must have', in fact I'd go so far as to say it's the nicest kaftan I've ever seen! You can also just see another wardrobe classic peeking through underneath, which is this lovely black Grecian style bikini. Again a style that will never date & is quite simply timeless.

And just so you can see how beautiful the detailing is, here's a few more views/close ups.

Now as much as I love a neutral wardrobe come sunnier climates I also love brightly coloured swimwear. So when I spotted that this Seafolly bikini in the same design as I wore last year, matched perfectly with this stunning beach bag it became a definite summer must. Like with my clothes I'm not one to wear patterned swimwear but as you can see from perusing Coco Bay's website you don't need to have patterns to have swimwear that has interest & design. I mean just look at the beautiful pleating on this bikini perfect for not creating too much attention without looking plain.

Plus this beach bag is just the perfect size for fitting in everyone's poolside necessities & beach towels. It even folds flat so is ideal for packing. Although I'm already thinking it might come in handy as an extra hand luggage bag if the shopping spree goes well & baggage allowance is looking tight ;-)

Now if you love a long maxi dress for summer you're going to love this one. Quite simply it's just stunning - easy to wear, beautifully cut & I just love the contrast of the fresh white background against the strong blue pattern. Heck it even features two of my favourite summer necessities - pompoms & tassels.

Here's a few more pictures so you can see more closely the style & design of this stunning dress. I just love the lower back, which I've teamed with this bra so no need to have to worry about going braless.

And finally one of my favourite colours teamed with my favourite pattern - if these flip flops can't be described as Bet-tastic I don't know what can!

Now I love a bit of poolside people watching & am constant amazed when I see women on holiday wearing heels/wedges to walk poolside but I've long learnt that if I don't want to avoid any shoe disasters such as slipping ungraciously on my bum on wet terracotta tiles etc then the simple flip flop is an essential & let's be honest quite frankly a wardrobe must have back home too. I just can't stand uncomfortable swollen feet. So what better flip flop than a pair of Havaianas - comfortable, stylish & they go with anything. I have a strong feeling these aren't going to be leaving my feet come the warmer weather.

Back to today & unfortunately it's not quite bikini weather here so I've packed away my new holidays beauties & I'm bringing out another love - denim - to play! Which I'm teaming with my new Marks & Spencer ruffle blouse. Now before you say anything yes I know I'm wearing the blouse back to front but I think I might prefer it this way. When I was trying it on I was thinking what a shame it wasn't buttoned at the neckline on the front then lightbulb moment & having inspected the blouse to check there were no darts in the front I quickly whizzed it round to give it a try & I think it looks ok. All I need to do now is take an unpicker to the label as it can currently be seen & it will be perfect!

Now you may have noticed that I've been quoting a discount code on my links. This is because the lovely people at Coco Bay have very kindly given me a code to share with you that entitles you to 20% off everything on their site - which is a fabulous saving & lasts until the end of July. So if you're on the look out for some new pieces for your holidays it's definitely one to take advantage off - simply use code MID20 at checkout to qualify. I'd defy anyone not to fall in love with several if not all of their range & you won't do better for choice as I know they take a great deal of pride & time in carefully editing their collection so that they can offer you the best quality products to fit & flatter & if you're unsure of sizing they even have a tailored comment for each piece advising if the fit comes up small, big or true to size.

So ladies what are your thoughts? As always I'd love to hear your views on their swimwear & accessories not to mention thoughts on any pieces you bought from them last year. Are you like me a total convert in paying that little bit extra so you feel & look great while exposing parts you'd normally keep hidden? And how does it make you feel? Did you feel that bit more body confident & happy? I'd love to hear.

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