The Best Swimsuits for Apple Shapes

We've got top picks and shopping tips to make finding the perfect womens bathing suits for your body a cinch.

"Flatten My Belly!"

Even helpful salespeople don't always have your best interest at heart. Case in point: Cathy Thomas's strapless maillot. "It was the clerk's recommendation," Cathy explains. "The legs don't even fit right, but there were so many choices and I was in a rush, so I trusted her judgment." Cathy, though, needs a style that supports her chest and visually separates it from her stomach; ruching and tummy control offer subtle concealment.

1. What to Look For
Look for a style that supports your chest and visually separates it from your stomach; ruching and tummy control offer subtle concealment. "My stomach looks smaller without the suit digging into me. I love it!" Cathy says.

Pullover cheap one piece swimsuits in red, $30

2. Tummy Trimmers
Stick with V-neck suits. They're the most flattering, and they draw attention up and away from your trouble zone.

Color block ruched one piece swimsuit, $50

3. Choose Empire-Waist Styles
The design lifts the eye above your stomach and makes your middle look smaller.

Athleta bra cup twistini one piece in red, $79

4. Try the Tricks of the Tailor Trade
Tiers, draping, and ruching will all work to camouflage your middle.

Ocean dream tiered tankini sets, $40

5. Shopping Secrets from a Swimsuit Designer
Swimwear designer Malia Mills shares what she's learned from helping thousands of customers suit up for 18 years. "Women often think they need a bigger size to cover more skin. But it's better to get the right size in a fuller cut."

Boxy printing tankini, $20

6. How to Find the Right Size
"To tell if a suit is too small, go by how it feels and not just how it looks in the mirror."

Bra sized halterneck ruched one piece swimsuit

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