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Tips for Women Who Want to Look Super Sexy and without Looking Sleazy

There's a delicate balance to looking sexy without crossing over into being sleazy.
It's all about knowing how much is too much.
It's something that takes careful thought and consideration. These 7 tips can help you to look sexy but never sleazy.


If you want to look super sexy then you need to be selective in how you show skin.
Showing too much skin can come off as sleazy. A good tip to use is to show one area of skin at a time.
For example, if you're showing off your shoulder area of a bit or cleavage then don't wear a miniskirt at the same time.
Or wear the miniskirt but cover up a bit more on top.


You're not going to look sexy if you're wearing clothes that're loose and baggy.
Tents aren't sexy, girls!
You want to wear clothing that fits you and if you're comfortable with it, is form-fitting. It's important to remember form-fitting isn't skin-tight. It's clothing that fits you well but doesn't cut into you or show bra and panty lines.
Think how nice a pencil skirt can hug your curves and you'll get the idea.


This one's surprisingly easy.
Almost everyone has some red clothing items in their closet. Red is considered to be sexier than other colors. There's a lot of room for personal expression here.
You can wear a lace red dress with heels or pair a red top with your favorite worn-in jeans.
Go for whatever fits your personality best.


Statement pieces can absolutely up the sexiness factor.
The trick is not wearing too many at one time.
Statement pieces would be items such as leather clothing, stilettos or very tall boots. One statement piece at a time can speak volumes.
Play around and figure out which statement pieces are right for you.


The way you do your makeup can totally up your sexiness factor.
It can also take you into Sleazeville if you're not careful.
What you want to avoid is makeup overkill.
Play up your eyes or lips but never both at the same time.
A smoky eye or full-on red lips both scream sexy but going for both can spell disaster.


Everyone needs basic tees in their closet.
You pair them with jeans, shorts or even your pjs if you're just hanging at home.
Why not choose the tees that offer the sexiest cut?
V-neck tees are always going to look sexier than your average crewneck.
It's a little hint of cleavage which is perfect. After all, you always want to leave a little to the imagination;
that's the oldest (and best) trick in the book.


There's just something special about wearing heels no other shoe can give you.
They give your hips a tantalizing sway nothing else can.
They make your calves look slimmer and more muscular, too.
Additionally, they make you look slimmer and who doesn't love that?
Wearing heels is a win-win in every department!
These tips can help you to achieve the sexy look you want.
What're your favorite tips for looking sexy but not sleazy?
I'd love to hear your ideas!

7 Ways to Style Your Summer Bangs

Though summer is the season for fun in the sun, it's no secret that hot weather isn't the most forgiving when it comes to our hair. Humidity alone can leave us prone to totally frizzing out, not to mention sweat and bangs just don't mix. And while we usually just give in to the humid weather by pinning back our fringe, we're ready to turn our fight against frizz into our newest style statement. Whether you're hoping to hit the beach with those trendy boxer braids or simply wanna keep cool with some stylish barrettes, scroll through these 7 summer bangs hairstyles to find your next frizz-friendly 'do.

1. Messy Bun: Add some serious style to your messy bun. Clip back your bangs with patterned or multicolored barrettes to give this five-minute look a more feminine touch.

2. Headband Hair Pile: Don't hide your curls in buns and braids. Embrace your natural volume and push back your bangs with this piled-high hairstyle that showcases your waves.

3. Pompadour: Brighten up your summer 'do by adding a retro flare. This voluminous pompadour style is perfect for a sunny Sunday picnic or summertime brunch with the gals.

4. Half-Up Twist Back: Take a romantic approach to your summer hairstyle. Whether you're strolling through the park or jetting off on your first big European adventure, celebrate summer with a sweet and flirty rom-com-worthy aesthetic.

5. Center-Parted Twist: Keep those boho vibes alive all summer long with this center-parted style. This 'do is Insta-ready for all your festival events.

6. Mini French Twist: Give your vacay hairstyle an ethereal appeal with a twisted fringe 'd0. This style is a hybrid between a French braid and a super simple twist, and takes mere minutes to execute.

7. Crown Braid: Wanna ditch the bangs for your poised wedding season look? This sophisticated hairstyle proves the more pins, the better! Use metallic bobbies to give your braided crown a sleek, modern edge.

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